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Language Development

Did you know there are two different ways children can develop language?


While you may be more familiar with one, both ways are natural and normal!


Understanding how your child's brain processes language can help us better understand them, connect with them, and help them if they're having trouble developing language using language to communicate. 


Analytic Language Processing & Gestalt Language Processing go through different stages of language development - let's take a look: 

Analytic Language Processors

Top up

Stage 1: single words

Stage 2: two-word combinations

Stage 3: early developing grammar

Stage 4: more complex grammar

Gestalt Language Processors

Bottom down

Stage 1: Whole phrases (Gestalts/Scripts)

Stage 2: Partial phrases / mitigated gestalts 

Stage 3: single words and two-word combinations

Stage 4: self generated language with early grammar

Stage 5-6: more complex and advanced grammar

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