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AAC, Speech, & Language

Communication is important for so many aspects of daily life - getting your basic needs/wants met, building and maintaining meaningful relationships, learning and engaging in the classroom, collaborating in a work environment, and more. Having trouble communicating, for whatever reason, can greatly impact your quality of life. Boldly Communicating can help. 


Boldly Communicating provides individualized AAC, Speech, and Language services that focuses on building connections and providing tools and strategies to help improve skills for authentic and autonomous communication. 

Communication happens everywhere! Which is why Boldly Communicating provides services at home and out in the community. This type of service allows us to to engage in functional, practical, and rewarding activities while giving us the chance to build communication skills during activities that are happening every day. 

When therapy takes place in the home or in the community - there is no need to work on generalizing skills outside of the clinic because we're already working on those skills in a natural way. 

These are just some of the skills

Boldly Communicating can help with: 

  • AAC: Alternative & Augmentative Communication

  • Language Development - for both analytic and gestalt language processors 

  • Non-verbal Communication

  • Social/Emotional Communication Skills ​​

  • Self-Advocacy

  • Perspective Taking

  • Problem Solving

We offer the following services: 


Consultations for families, caregivers, and other professionals.


AAC Assessment

Evaluations for speech generating devices, including guidance for securing equipment funding and  support for implementation.


Speech & Language Assessment

Comprehensive evaluations to determine an individual's current level of communicative functioning and if an impairment exists. If therapy is indicated a treatment plan and goals will be developed.


AAC, Speech, & Language Therapy

Individualized therapy for those developing communication skills in the areas of AAC, speech, language, and/or social pragmatics (without masking)


AAC Training

Communication partner training for family members and caregivers of individuals who use AAC.

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