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Neurodiversity & Autism

Boldly Communicating provides neurodiversity affirming
speech, language, and AAC therapy. 


Neurodiversity refers to variation in the human brain regarding learning, thinking, attention, mood, and other mental functions. People who have a different neurotype from the majority are neurodivergent. The Neurodiversity Movement is about supporting neurodivregent people's rights and value as human beings. Neurodiversity includes people with ADHD, intellectual disability, mental illness, Down Syndrome, TBI (traumatic brain injuries), autistic people, as well as many others. 


Autism is a neurotype, meaning it is a different way of thinking and learning. There is no cure for autism and autistic children do not need therapy to address Autism itself. Some autistic individuals benefit from Speech-Language Therapy to help improve their overall communication through spoken and/or non-spoken means, social skills (without masking), and executive functioning. 

Identity First Language

Boldly Communicating defaults to using identity-first language (autistic person) instead of person-first language (person with autism) as this is the preference of the majority of the Autistic Community. Boldly Communicating also acknowledges and respects individual preferences regarding this language. 


Boldly Communicating uses a strengths based and neurodiversity affirming approach to intervention. We believe in honoring all forms of communication, providing access to robust AAC options, and educating communication partners about autistic traits and communication styles. We strive for authentic and autonomous communication from our clients! 

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